On Touring Partners



It’s not often mother nature backs off and gives us stability like this mid-winter in Colorado. It’s important to stay in touch and take advantage when the time is right. Not only was I impressed with the conditions and the terrain, but i realized at the bottom when Trinity told me how adrenelized she was from skiing it, that it had never crossed my mind that she couldn’t, or wouldn’t ski it.


Touring partners need to be at the same ability level. They need to look at risk vs. reward the same way. A good touring partner has chocolate and nuts on the day when you bring apples and cheese. A good touring partner makes you laugh when you are getting pissed as the wind constantly glues your skins back together each time you tear them apart. A good touring partner takes beacon training seriously. A good touring partner has medical training. A good touring partner has a great smile, and a great attitude.

The whole premise behind a good tour is to get the hell away from civilization and do something grand. It has to be done with someone you trust implicitly, so you can both relax and do what you came to do with confidence and a smile.

2 thoughts on “On Touring Partners

  1. You have given me a whole new world Buckley! I have always known that you have had my back from that very first skin out of Beaver Creek. I have a picture of you warming up my skins in the sun and in your jacket so they would stick to my skis. There isn’t anyone I would trust my life with more than you. There are countless reasons to why we work so well as a team. I believe that most importantly, there isn’t the ego of one person needing to endanger the other. The opposite is true. We are there to protect each other and honor the physical and mental state that we both are in at that particular moment. We are alert to changing conditions and know when to call it. Sometimes like yesterday, mother nature say’s “It’s time to party!” and other times it is best to play it safe. We communicate and we care very deeply for each other. You are my irreplaceable #partnerinshred!


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